BetatCasino creates hype with its UK lottery news

BetatCasino is the place where all your gambling needs are fulfilled, regardless of how logo_buttoneccentric you might be.

Back in the day, this used to be nothing more than a bookmaker trying to make a name for itself in United Kingdom.

Now it has betting shops scattered all over the country and also runs a lucrative online business that includes a casino and the poker room.

Specialty games are not in short supply and new titles are added regularly to keep up with the high expectations of their members.

Lottery games are the Cinderella of their gambling environment, but even in this regard the company makes steady progress. The possibility of buying lottery tickets over the Internet explains why these games are now so popular and how it is possible for more people to buy tickets.


The odds of winning the first prize are stacked against you and there is no reason to actually expect to strike it rich and the first attempt. In fact, many play their entire lives and have to settle for lower tier payouts.

Having said this, the upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw has a guaranteed prize pool of €130 million which is more than the average amount. There is nothing average about the standard jackpot worth €100 million, but adding €30 million on top of that payout makes it truly exceptional.

The odds of winning it are the same, so you’re basically competing for more money without taking more chances. Not even the price of tickets went up, so the number of participants is expected to rise sharply.

BetatCasino has no intention to compete in the National Lottery which is the only company who has the right to organize such games across the United Kingdom. On the other hand, they tap into the popularity of this gaming industry to offer lottery inspired titles themselves.

The advantage of playing these games is that you don’t have to leave your room and you’ve got much better chances to strike it rich. You won’t be winning an eight digit amount, but at least payout will be offered and will keep you going.

There is nothing preventing players from experiencing the emotions of playing both types of lottery. For instance, you could buy tickets for the upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw while playing all the games offered by BetatCasino.

Time is quickly running out for those who want to become millionaires because this special draw is scheduled for the final day of September.

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