Skrill tops payment methods at Videoslots

At least in theory, all payment methods should have the same popularity, as long as Videoslots allow players to deposit instantly and cash out profits fairly quickly.

Electronic wallets are already leading the pack and now that online casinos promote several financial instruments of this type, players can make an educated decision.

Videoslots has never limiting the freedom of players and instead of forcing them to choose between bank transfers and credit cards, they were among the early implementers of e- wallets.

Skrill used to go by the name of Moneybookers and more than a decade ago when it was created, it serves the interest of punters and online casino fans. It was only natural for him to be introduced before many of its counterparts and is only partially explains the preference of Videoslots customers for this financial instrument.

The rebranding process is now complete and the name has also change in the process, but the good news is that the essentials are the same.

There are plenty of good things to say about the electronic wallets and the fact that players can now a MasterCard for withdrawal was does help them greatly. For the first time, it is possible for them to cash out their profits directly on this debit card, instead of going through a financial institution.

Removing men’s altogether from the scheme has been the main concern of those betting online and playing casino games, so they can be happy about these changes.


Anyone can offer a MasterCard and it will be immediately associated to the online account, so the funds you have in your virtual account will be available on the card as well. Obviously, there can be some problems when cashing out profits directly from the ATM, particularly if you are not a big fan of paying high fees.

Theoretically, you will only be charged a few Euros and 1.9% and the commission you pay, but if you are a big spender or a highroller, these charges will eventually piece you off.

In terms of visual appeal, the electronic wallet looks better than before and it is much easier to navigate the website. It is professional, highly responsive and you even have a dedicated app that you can use on your mobile device to connect to your account faster.

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