Dansk777 Casino to tap into the potential of the CORE and SIS Deal

Dansk777 is not the most flexible online casinos and their ability to adjust to the fast changing market conditions insured their DF_DANSK777success in 2015.

This has been a huge year for the online gambling niche and many online casinos set important milestones, while a handful failed miserably. Technology is changing and experts have long predicted a shift from flash games to HTML 5 software, with the most recent results confirming this theory.

There are a couple of major players in this line of work and CORE Gaming is one of them, as a top HTML 5 gambling software creator. They are trying to expand their presence across the entire spectrum of online casinos, to include as many operators as possible. At the same time, they do over the top with advertising content and hope that the newly signed agreement with SIS is going to unlock more doors.


As a major supplier of content, SIS has a couple of lucrative partnerships with online casinos, including sports betting operators and poker rooms. They are great at providing them with customer service and are highly responsive, which makes them an obvious partner for any online casino with high expectations. Dansk777 is highly successful but doesn’t dwell on this performance and instead looks forward for what 2016 might bring.

The partnership between SIS and CORE Gaming could be such an event to propel the entire industry forward, while representing a godsend for a handful of online casinos. By incorporating the excellent HTML framework into their games, SIS will have an easier task at meeting tens of thousands of prospective customers halfway.

The propensity for racing games also makes them stand out from the crowd, as this niche is not sufficiently covered even by the best software developers.
It would’ve been a shame to miss out on the lucrative opportunities associated to the winter holidays.

Santa Claus and Christmas are iconic images in slot machines and the seasonal racing games released in December are revolving around them. The representatives of both companies were extremely happy with the result of this partnership and the chief executive of CORE Gaming told the media that this deal is going to help them push the technological boundaries.

SIS has an impressive track record, having developed amazing browser-based games and were among the first to smoothly integrate them into the HTML framework.

The new games include several 3-D slot machines, but the all fashioned 2D games are around that they are here to stay. Their graphics have been greatly improved and high definition visuals health keeping them popular, despite the new wave of games. Marc Thomas the acting Head of Product for SIS announced that this is just the first step of the partnership with CORE Gaming and advised fans of the genre to brace for a couple of amazing releases.


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