England inches closer to winning the Davis Cup

Many professional tennis players are reluctant to give their best when playing for the national team and some even refused to Davis-Cup-Twitterparticipate in Davis Cup matches.

Even though this is an important competition and the prospect of winning should highly motivated tennis players, few respond positively. Britain has a good chance at winning the competition in 2015 and so far they overcame all the obstacles to book a seat in the semifinals.

Andy Murray is one of the players that made these victories possible, but on his own he wouldn’t have made it this far. The Scotsman has his teammates to thank, including his brother who made a stellar match in the men’s doubles. Andy was credited with the first chance in all of these games, but even he struggled in the early sets against highly motivated opponent.

A key trophy missing

Roger Federer won so many grand slam tournaments and master series, that everyone expected him to advance with ease in the Davis Cup. This was not the case and he struggled for many years in a row before finally winning the trophy in 2014. It was on the few missing from his impressive collection anRoger Federerd this is something that Andy Murray is dreaming off as well. The road ahead is long and twisted but so far they did everything by the book and the British team has a real chance for the first time in decades.


The next opponent that Britain needs to overcome is Australia and these guys are very good in the final stages of the competition. They have players that are competitive in both singles and men’s competitions, although Andy Murray is expected to win both his games. If he plays at 100% potential, then it is most unlikely for anyone to be able to stop him in his tracks. In fact, there are only two players in the world who start with the first chance against him and both Serbia and Switzerland were eliminated already.

Once again it is very likely that the result in the doubles match will be the one that will decide the name of the team that makes it to the final. Argentina is probably going to wait them in the final act of the Davis Cup and there are also hungry for a trophy. This country made the final more often than any other nation but so far failed to win even once.

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