Favorites prevail on Wimbledon grass

The most important tennis competition on grass has concluded two weeks after he started and the results were as predictable as they get.

Once again, Djokovic and Serena Williams were credited with the first chance to prevail and both of them marched on to convincing victories.

Interesting enough the same players were expected to win at Roland Garros but even though both made the final act of the competition only the American met expectations.
This time the situation was significantly different, with Serena Williams having very few difficult matches in the early stages of the event.

Illustration Court Central / Philippe Chatrier

As she advanced to the finals, all her important opponents were eliminated by outsiders, so she didn’t have to face any of the players in top five. Azarenka was the toughest opponent even though she was standing well outside the top 10, with the player from Belarus snatching a set from the American.

This proved to be too little too late for the otherwise combative Viktoria and in the end Serena Williams face a young player from Spain. Muguruza caused her untimely elimination from the French Open last year and managed to defeat her again in 2014, but lost both games this year. The final was decided in two relatively short sets and Serena prevailed while giving up a combined eight games.

Meanwhile, in the men’s competition, Djokovic had a pair of difficult matches in the early stages and at one point he was on the verge of suffering an untimely elimination. And managed to win the first two sets and with his powerful service he was really a threat to the multiple champion. Unfortunately for the player from South Africa, he couldn’t manage the pressure and gave up the next three sevens in a row, paving the way for another Serbian victory.


Things took a turn for the better in the semifinals, when Djokovic secured a place in the final act and then waited for Federer to play against Andy Murray. The Swiss player dismantled his opponent in three straight sets and everything was set for yet another epic final at Wimbledon. Compared to last year when Roger pushed the game in five sets this time he only managed to win the second set and in the end the only break he gave up proved to be fatal.

All in all it was a fantastic tournament and those who place their wagers on the favorites are now celebrating their profits.

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