Playing poker on virtual money

Playing poker on virtual money is the fastest way of learning the ropes and also getting familiar with the game client. That’s why so many poker rooms are offering this option to new and existing customers, but sooner or later players get bored.

This is where freerolls kick in and just as the name suggests, these are free tournament that are open to anyone and have the particularity of offering cash prizes.


Why join a freeroll?

Participating in such a tournament comes with no strings attached and all those who choose to take a seat, have the same chances of winning a prize. Just like regular tournaments, the better the placement at the end of the event, the bigger the prize and the lion’s share goes to the one who wins the competition.

The main reason for why people should participate in free roles is that they don’t take any chances whatsoever

The best case scenario is to finish in the money and receive a slice of the cake, but even if you fail to survive the bubble stage, you will still learn a great deal about tournaments and their structure.

There is no deposit required when participating in a freeroll, so you can easily attend several ones at the same time, even in the absence of a proper bankroll. A distinction is made between freerolls, with some being restricted to new depositors, while others are open to all those who have an account with the poker client.

Pros and cons of freerolls

While the reasons for participating are self-evident, prospective players should also realize that these competitions offer the hands-on approach for real tournaments.


Players get to learn how to make the transition from tight passive poker to a more aggressive style, based on how the blinds go up and the number of remaining players. Mastering the various poker methods can only be done if you spend enough time at the tables and freerolls give you the chance to do that for free.

Among the shortcomings of freerolls is that these tournaments are usually preferred by beginners and amateurs. Since they don’t have anything to lose, many simply go all in several times in a row, hoping to double up.

They don’t care much about an untimely elimination, so players might get the wrong impression about what awaits them at real money tournament. The good news is that the superficial players are filtered out in the early stages and only serious ones remain after the first hour.

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