The £2K Egg-ceptional slot tourney has started at Casino 777

It is time to try something different if you have an account with Casino 777 and check out the recently introduced slot machines.777

A total of seven games qualify for this promotion and their name is listed on the website, for those who don’t mind putting their luck and skill to the test in a different environment.

Once again, lady luck will decide the outcome of this competition, with new players and veterans having exactly the same chance of emerging victorious.
The prizes are generous and released incrementally to those who happen to hit winning combinations, but this promotion will conclude at the end of the week.

It started on Monday and players have only a couple of days left to claim the paycheck awarded to those who finish at the top of the leaderboard. Monitoring success is particularly easy, because all those who participate in the £2K Egg-ceptional slot tourney will find their name listed on the homepage.

For every €10 wager, players will accumulate one point, which means that those who spend a lot of time over the Internet and are very active will have a better chance at finishing in the top of the standings. It makes no difference if you focus exclusively on one slot machine or check them all out, because points are accumulated at the same pace. The only thing that matters is to wager an amount of money that is high enough as to keep you within striking distance of the leading pack.

Players are supposed to opt in for this promotion and the same goes for the other competition recently unveiled by Casino 777. This will appeal to those who have no intention of making the transition from bingo to slot machines, as it focuses exclusively on their game of choice.

The event starts on Wednesday and will conclude seven days later, so at the time of writing everyone has the same chance and there is no gap to close.

Make sure you log into your account and play bingo on real currency, while waiting for the bonuses to be credited to your account. They will be released as bonus funds which are subject wagering requirements and only after these are cleared, the money will be available for withdrawals.

Before receiving the bonus, players will also have to make a qualifying deposit, so fund your account even if you have available cash.

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