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Horse betting has been around every since the elegant animals were pit against each other in highly competitive races. The Greeks and Romans were big fans of these events and there where even special venues where they took place on a regular basis. The stands were always full and even those who didn’t actually wager on the outcome enjoyed every second.

Modern horse races are not very different because the rules are more or less the same, yet they take place in a more strict format. A horse bet is the wager that players make on the outcome of the race, but they enjoy a lot of freedom when doing so. In addition to indicating the winner of the race, they can also predict the order in which horses finish the event and the name of the runner-up. Different events have different odds and savvy punters will cover a broad spectrum with a diversified palette of events.

Different types of horse race betting

For the untrained eye, all the races are more or less the same and that’s why it is so difficult for an inexperienced punter to place successful wagers. Inside knowledge is highly valuable in this line of work, but there are many institutions that exercise oversight in an attempt of controlling the environment and preventing fraud. Horse racing is known for being favored by criminals when they try to launder their money and unfortunately, many of the law-abiding punters become the victim of their mischief.

The condition races are the ones that allow horses to gain access to major competitions and they are ranked based on the results in these competitions. There are also situations in which the forces are auctioned using a secret ballot system, so the highest bidder gets the best horse. There are certain competitions, where the owner of the horse is also assigned points in addition to the money he makes, which is also helpful for punters who want to get a better look at the bigger picture.

Handicap races are immensely popular over the Internet but only a few know that there are certain restrictions that apply. For instance, horses need to run three gallops or more, with the handicap depending on the results in the previous races. By monitoring past performance, one can easily draw some conclusions and make an educated decision when placing the next wager.

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